Ayurveda Retreat

During this Luxury Ayurveda Retreat you will live in a handcrafted home and retreat center designed by Dr. Kuchinad, surrounded by a garden of Ayurvedic plants. Panchkarma treatments will be individually tailored for each person to suit their Prakruti (constitution) and Vikruti (imbalances) and will be administered directly by and under the direct and strict supervision Unnikrishnan Gurukkal.

Luxury Ayurveda Retreat Details

“Ayurveda retreats are available year round except months of March, April and May” during which the weather is too hot for Ayurveda.
Retreats for which Dr. Kuchinad will also be present at Ahimsa are as follows
  • September  29- October 8
  • October 9- 18
  • October 20- 29
  • November 1 – 10
  • November 10 – 19
  • November 26 – December 3 (Anne-Marie -Yorkshire Center for Wellbeing)
  • January 30th-February 8th
  • February 10- 18 (Anne-Marie Yorkshire Center for Wellbeing)
  • February 20-28th
  • September24- October 3rd
  • October 5-14
  • October 15-24
  • October 26-November 4th
  • November 5th- November 15th
  • November 17-26th
  • November 27-Dec 6th

Panchakarma 7, 10, 14 and 21 days and extended stays are also available on a per diem cost basis.

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In each room the guests will experience the personal touch of the founder in the custom architecture, and hand crafted furniture. Guests will enjoy two common living areas attached to an open kitchen cum dining area.

Private Rooms

Large Tranquility Rooms: Large Room with attached bath, Queen Bed with room to accommodate 2 additional single beds.

Medium Mindfulness Room: Room with double bed and room for additional single bed and an attached shared bath

Economy Cozy Room: Small room with single bed and unattached bath

Coming in 2017 – Inspirational Suite: Ahimsa will start offering a 500 sq. ft. Inspirational Suite with attached office, sitting area and coffee bar and luxury bath. Suite ideal for Hosts, Team Leaders, Writers and Artists or others who need to get away for a time to unwind, calm the chaos and get inspired and creative.

Food Offerings

Guests will enjoy organic vegetarian meals made from products from our own garden, and supplemented as much as possible from Organic Vendors. We will offer 3 vegetarian meals per day and evening teas for our guests. Fish dishes are offered upon special request for additional charge when permitted by the Ayurvedic Practitioner. Tea, simple snacks and seasonal fruit are provided in the kitchen as available.


Guests will experience Ayurvedic Panchakarma Rejuvenation Treatments on a Third Floor open-designed Ayurvedic Terrace while enjoying the sights and sounds of our Ayurvedic Garden.

kerala ayurvedic massage center kottayam

Additional Details

Our staff is on premises and available 24/7. There is Wi-Fi available for our guests, and air conditioning is available in all private rooms with surcharge of £6 or $10 per day. All rooms are equipped with many fans for comfort.


  • These Ayurvedic Retreats will be a rare and unique opportunity for you. Our founder, a Western M.D. Physician, trained in America, with a global and overarching view of both western and old medical traditions like Ayurveda, will be present during the retreat to deepen your understanding of health and ways to enhance health and quality of life.
  • Panchakarma Treatments will be administered by unique Practitioner Unnikrishnan Gurukkal, who was handpicked by Dr. Kuchinad after over two years of research, personal treatments and observation. He is a Kalari Master (Ancient Kerala Martial Arts) who practices Ayurveda/Panchakarma based in Marma Chikitsa and Traditional Ayurveda. Panchkarma treatments will be individually tailored for each person to suit their Prakruti (constitution) and Vikruti (imbalances) and will be administered directly by and under the direct and strict supervision Unnikrishnan Gurukkal.
  • You will also have opportunities for special consultation from Dr. Krishnan Nair who is a Professor at an esteemed Ayurvedic college and has over 25 years of advanced Ayurvedic practical experience dealing with more serious and active diseases.
  • This retreat will also give you an opportunity to Practice Yoga/Pranayama and Meditation with International Yoga teachers, Anne-Marie Burford or James Burford. Anne-Marie has over 25 years of experience running a premier Yoga Center in Harrogate, UK.  Both Anne-Marie and James conduct regular Yoga and Ayurveda retreats and workshops at their own centre in Harrogate and at other retreat centers world wide.
  • You will get the opportunity to get a glimpse of the Ancient Martial Art of Kalarippayat.
  • The majority of the food you consume will be organic and as much as possible the fruits and vegetables served will be grown in our own Ahimsa Garden!

More Information:

  • Duration: 7 day Ayurveda retreats with possibly an added arrival day on which Treatment may not be possible. Realistically, guests will need to plan 9 days for for travel, etc.
  • Minimum guests 6, Maximum 10
  • Stay will include 7 authentic and intense 1.5 – 2 hour, 2 – 3 person administered Panchakarma treatments tailored to each one’s constitution (Prakruti) and imbalances (Vikruti) under the guidance of a hand picked Kalari Marma Panchakarma Practitioner.
  • Expenses of meals outside the home are the responsibility of the guests.
  • Included Events: Backwater afternoon/sunset house boat trip, Indian classical music / Dance – on Ahimsa premises, Kalarippayat Program – on the Ahimsa premises.
  • Dr. Kuchinad the founder of Ahimsa will be available when possible for informal discussions about a topic of interest, general medical questions, etc. at no extra cost.
  • Optional daily sunrise or sunset Yoga/Pranayama practiced individually or with a group leader.
  • Airport pickup and drop off provided, as long as most guests arrive and leave on the same day and can be picked up around the same time. All other transportation costs are the responsibility of the guests.

Optional programs – Additional cost

Additional programs like Kathakali (Kerala Opera), music programs, Kalaripayattu Classes, lectures on topics of interest by experts in Ayurveda, Yoga, Medicinal Plants, Ayurvedic Cooking, Simple Home Remedies, etc. can be arranged at added cost. A reliable car and driver ,or an auto-rickshaw, can be arranged upon request for added travel or trips for sightseeing, and shopping, and often Dr.Kuchinad, or one of the staff members, will offer to accompany the guests. Sight seeing opportunities include:

  • Local Temples and ancient church visits
  • Alleppy Beach Trips
  • Backwater Boat Trips
  • Shopping trips to Changanacherry and Kottayam and Kochi
  • Trivandrum (day trip), Thekkady Wild Life Trips (Overnight Trip)


Rates start at USD $180/day /person which includes 21% taxes

Please contact us at ahimsaretreats@gmail.com for further details on longer retreats. Note: Tipping all your Therapists and staff is customary and expected and kindly reserve £60-100 or $100-150 for this purpose. If you plan a lot of additional outdoor trips also consider some reserves for transportation costs.

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