Ahimsa is happy to offer the services of Kalari Master, Mr. Unnikrishnan Gurukkal for Ayurvedic Rejuvenating Therapies while on your retreat. After an assessment of your constitution and its imbalances, the practitioner will determine a sequence of therapies tailored to your individual needs to detoxify and rejuvenate.

Individual Therapies & Benefits:

Kalari Uzhichil (oil massage followed by steam bath in a wooden sauna with head exposed) (Four Hand Uzhichil Hair to Feet Massage + Medicated Steam Bath) – Benefits: Improves bone and muscle health, improving flexibility.

Pizhichil (pouring  a  steady stream of warm medicated oil over the body in a rhythmic fashion) (30 Mins Massage + 60 Mins Pizhichil) – Benefits: Improves musculoskeletal, nervous system and reproductive system health. Effective to palliate rheumatic diseases, strokes, mental disorders and sexual dysfunction.

Shiro Dhara (pouring a gentle stream of medicated oil or liquid on the forehead in a rhythmic fashion) (Four Hand Hair to Feet Massage + Shiro Dhara)  – Benefits: Improves sleep. Improves memory. Calms the nervous system. Enhances blood circulation to the brain.

Elakizhi (four handed massage and pounding on the body using poultices made of medicinal herbs) (Four Hand Hair to Feet Massage + Elakizhi) – Benefits: Strengthens the musical-skeletal system,decreases inflammation and pain. Palliates Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sciatica and nerve pain. Also, improves skin complexion.

Podikizhi  (same as above with poultices made from medicated powder made from medicinal leaves, ashes etc) (Four Hand Hair to Feet Massage + Podikizhi) – Benefits: Certain types of neurological conditions, arthritis and obesity.

Navarakizhi (same as above with poultices made from the paste of a medicated rice ) (Four Hand Hair to Feet Massage Navarakizhi)- Benifits: Helps  heal, rebuild, strengthen tissues when a person is generally weak and improves skin health and complexion.

Kadi Vasti (medicated rice broth enema) – Benefits: Improves back pain and spinal disorders

Thalapothichil (covering the head with a thick layer of paste made from medicated leaves and fruits) – Benefits: Treats insomnia, depression, stress, headaches, hyperactivity and allergic eye irritation.

Nasyam (applying medicated oils in both nostrils to be breathed into the sinuses and throat) – Benefits: Opens and clears breathing channels. Relieves, allergic sinusitis. migraine headaches and frequent colds and brain health.

Typically Panchakarma treatments are given based on each person’s Prakruti (constitution) and Vikruti (imbalances), and are administered for 7, 14 or 21 days.  Guests also have the option of having sampler treatment from the therapies menu.

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About Unnikrishnan Gurukkal: Mr-Unnikrishnan-GurukkalEarly in life Mr. Unnikrishnan became interested in the traditional Kerala, Yoga based martial arts form called ‘Kalarippayattu’ and Ayurvedic Massage and Marma (Accupressure) based treatments associated with this martial art. He then had the opportunity to be initiated into Ayurvedic Massage, Marma Treatments and Panchakarma treatments for various ailments from the famous Ayurvedia physician Vayaskara Mooss of Kottayam.  After this initiation, he went to Ponkunnam to learn massages in Kerala style, from Shri. C. K. Kuttappan Vaidyar. It was from this guru that Unnikrishnan learned the basics as well as the advanced techniques of scientific massage. He became familiar with the vital centers of human body called karma and ways to treat for damages that may occur. Through him,  he gained expertise in massaging for physical injuries of various types  of other illnesses. He then proceeded to study Kalarippayattu professionally from Ettumanoor Muraleedhara Gurukkal, Parameswaran and Gurukkal and J.Madhava Naadaar and became a master in ‘Kalarai-marma chikilsa’ (Kalari Martial Art acupressure treatment) and gained the much esteemed title of Gurukkal.

Unnikrishnan  Gurulkkal currently practices Ayurvedic and Marma Massage specializing in Kalarai-marma-chikilsa and Panchakarma detoxifying treatments and guests at Ahimsa will undergo Panchakarma treatments directly by him and/or under his strict supervision. He has been the Vice President of Kottayam Kalarippayattu Association for several years in the past and is currently a member of the Kalaripayattu Federation of India.