A choreographed martial art form based in yoga and developed in Kerala starting in medieval times. Forbidden by the British, it is now assuming some of its original prominence and prestige.


Because of Ahimsa’s relationship with Unnikrishnan Gurukkal, we are able to offer a unique program in which he will teach Kalaripayattu. The course will be similar to our other workshops in that it will use the airy yoga studios and living spaces, and will include both daily lessons and supervised practice time. Each class must include six or more students, who will be pre-qualified by Ahimsa. Kalaripayattu camps are offered throughout the year and can be customized to the needs of the group.

The duration of these camps can vary from a minimum of 10 days to up to several weeks based on skill levels and goals of the participant. Participation in a 10-day camp will introduce the participants to the basic steps of this art and teach skills to improve flexibility of the body.

These physically demanding retreats are conducted by Kalari Master, Unnikrishnan Gurukkal, and his assistants on Ahimsa premises. The camps will involve several hours of daily teaching followed by practice time.

This very ancient martial art utilizes Yoga-based choreographed movements that once enabled ancient warriors to fight and defend themselves with extreme dexterity and speed. Kalaripayattu’s focus is on extreme flexibility of the body and complete focus of the mind. These skills, after much practice and instruction, prepare the students to learn the high speed movements that allowed warriors to cross through enemy lines unharmed.

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